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About Us

As a little girl, I had always dreamed of owning a horse ranch. That dream came true in 1993, when I got my ranch in the interior of British Columbia, outside Kelowna. Not knowing what breed of horse I wanted to raise, I purchased two Arabians, two Morgans and two Quarter Horses. One day I came upon an older Tennessee Walker mare in bad shape and in need of some TLC. I just couldn’t leave without her. She turned out to be a very sweet old mare by the name of Breezy. (Registered as Little Breeze) ‘Breezy’ responded well to love and good feed, and her condition improved rapidly. She loved her box stall, and at night it became commonplace to hear “easy, Breeze, easy!” as she ran into the stall. In the spring Breezy gave us a little filly. She was so gentle and easy to handle that I found myself wanting to learn more about this breed. The more I learned the more I knew that this was a special and unique breed of horse. After my first ride on Breezy, there was no doubt left in my mind that this was the breed for me! After that ride the other horses were sold and I set out to build a quality herd of Tennessee Walkers.