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Welcome to Easy Breeze Acres, home to Southern BC's top Tennessee Walking Horses. Easy Breeze Acres is located in the Central Okanagan just outside of Kelowna and is one of the few stables in British Columbia that specializes in breeding and training Tennessee Walkers.

Easy Breeze Acres is a dream come true for owner Colleen Snelson. After working with several other horse breeds - including Arabians and Morgans - the Tennessee Walking Horse swayed Colleen with its gentle and easy-going nature.  

If you're looking for a quality pleasure horse, Tennessee Walkers are for you. These exceptional horses are built for comfort. Tennessee Walking Horses do not trot:  they walk: up to speeds of 8 miles per hour. It's this unique attribute that distinguishes Tennessee Walkers from other breeds. In fact, Tennessee Walking Horses are considered to be the only true pleasure horse. A gentle and quiet nature makes these magnificent horses a great choice for both experienced and novice riders. Because of their temperament and smooth gate, Tennessee Walking Horses may be the perfect choice for seniors or riders who suffer from back problems. Many people who thought their days of riding were over have found new life on horseback with Tennessee Walkers.

Easy Breeze Acres, takes a natural approach to breeding. To ensure the health of our horses, mares are bread every other year. This gives the mare a year off from having a foal by her side and allows the mare to either rest or to show and compete. We allow our stallions to run with the mares just as they would in the wild. This has been proven to increase the stallion's fertility. It also helps maintain a quieter, gentler stallion. Check out our boys on the 'our stallions'  page! All of our Tennessee Walkers are registered and our stallions have World Grand Champion bloodlines.

                         A broodmare on her year off.         Ivory Champagne mare with filly.

For the first few days of their lives, all foals are imprinted. Not only does this decrease the horse's instinctive flight response, imprinting also allows humans to become a natural part of the herd. From the start, foals go out with their mother to socialize with other horses, and they go trail riding with mom after a few months. This means our foals are habituated, strong and healthy. In addition, all our horses are started using natural horsemanship methods (Perelli รค).

At Easy Breeze Acres, we have the right horse for you from the right colour to the right size. On average, we have a herd of 20 sale horses. Our horses are naturally gaited and colorful, including spectacular champagne coloring. These quality horses travel well and can be shipped to the United States or overseas. 

One of the truly unique aspects of Easy Breeze Acres is our co-op program. Our co-op makes horse-ownership more affordable and enjoyable.  With an average of 15 people working with the horses, the herd gets the attention and care it needs and there is always someone to ride with.

Contact us to find out if Easy Breeze Acres co-op program is right for you, or if you would like to learn more about one of our quality Tennessee Walker Horses for sale!

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